Biosphere Reserve Administration


The Biosphere Reserve Administration is under the responsibility of the Office for Major Nature Reserves of the Sachsenforst public enterprise under the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Development of the State of Saxony.

Ministry of the Environment and Regional Development of the State of Saxony

Sachsenforst Public Enterprise

Office for Major Nature Reserves of the Sachsenforst Public Enterprise


Management of the Biosphere Reserve Administration
Director: Torsten Roch
Deputy Director: Dr. Jan Peper

Administrative Office
Director: -
Awarding authority: Nora Hennig
Accounting/HR/Filing: Manuela Nowotny
Administration/Marketing: Susann Werner, Heike Pietschmann
House technic: Maik Metze

PR/Customer Service Department
Director: Susanne Bärisch
Public Relations/Marketing/Tourism: Christina Schmidt
Education for Sustainable Development/Public Relations/Ombudsmen: Meike Biskop
Environmental education: Jennifer Otto
Public relations/visitor information: Christine Schubert
Federal Volunteer Service: -

Executive Department WildNaTour
Consultant: Julian Robin Koepke

Area development and nature conservation Department
Director: Dr. Jan Peper
Forest management/species protection: Dirk Weis
Waters/fishing: Sebastian Heynen
Land management: Eva Lehmann
Construction/tree protection/hunting: Bodo Hering
Amendment of the Biosphere Reserve Ordinance: Sandro Tenne
Research project Teichlausitz: Laila Ries

Ranger Service
Head of Operations: Lorenz Richter
West Zone: Lorenz Richter, Yannik Otto
Central Zone: Maik Rogel, Mario Trampenau
East Zone: Birgitt Kieschnick, Peter Ulbrich

Department Operations/Services
Director: Andreas Helwig
District manager Hermsdorf: Kathrin Riemer
District manager Klitten: Steffen Krausche
District manager Kreba: André Klingenberger
District manager Milkel: Holm Berger

Area Development Department
The purpose of the area development department is to provide expert support for cooperation between humans and nature in the biosphere reserve.
With its areas of concern encompassing species and biotope protection, biotope preservation, environmentally friendly agriculture, aquatic ecosystems, environmentally friendly fish farming, human settlement ecology and integrating the numerous projects implemented in these areas under project monitoring, this department handles both specific nature reserve issues and general development issues.

The department’s area of responsibility includes both intensive support and consultation for land users and inhabitants on environmentally friendly usage as well as planning, in particular, specialised nature reserve planning and development planning, such as tourism, settlement development and traffic designs for the entire area, as well as their oversight and implementation.

Organising institution of Education for sustainable development Fördervereins für die Natur der Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft e.V.

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